Raw Power with McIntyre Parker and Pied-à-terre
May 13, 2012

(arguably the loudest album ever)

Sensing some seriously shared seismic wavelengths between local garage-cum-gallery Pied-à-terre (and its director McIntyre P) and our MMOFA exhibition, we asked our kindly friend if he might want to present a public program at the WB sometime in May.

"Yes! Lemme think about it." Later that week: "I'd like to drop by sometime this month and play The Stooges' RAW POWER -- the newer, Iggy Pop remaster -- very, very loudly from start to finish."

From wikizone: "In the reissued CD's liner notes, Pop points out that one of his intentions in doing the new mix was to keep audio levels in the red (which would deliberately cause distortion) while at the same time making the music more powerful. This new version is arguably the loudest album ever, reaching RMS of -4 dB, rare even by today's standards."

On the 13th he swung through, we rigged the speakers over the doorway, got a few coconuts across the street, and turned it way the f up. Like, real loud.

"The proof's in the pudding." Iggy Pop