WILL BROWN is pleased to present
SAD VICIOUS who is pleased to present

Sad Vicious Slays Will Brown: FRIDAY THE 13TH, Nightmare On Auto Park Drive
Friday, September 13, 2013, 7PM

Way out west, at the remote intersection of performance art, stand-up comedy, rock and roll, and sexual mismanagement, lies Sad Vicious -- a singularly perverse entertainment group for the modern age.

Join them, and us, this FRIDAY THE 13TH at the WB for an evening of custom-tailored hijinks and panic, mirth and dread. Naturally, we endorse all of our events, but this event, wow, THIS EVENT, is especially endorsed.

Sad Vicious, voted San Jose's Most Hated Band by the San Jose Mercury News (2010), are a punk rock band from San Jose. The band consists of Scott Vermeire and Steuart Pittman, although they are currently seeking a bassist, drummer, and a keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist (must have own gear, must be able to rehearse Thursday nights, must like cats =^.,.^= purr). For the month of October 2013, Sad Vicious will be playing every Wednesday at Java Hut's open mic night in San Jose off of Auto Park Drive, across from the Subway restaurant and Oil Changers.

This event is free and remarkably funny.