The Sound of Paper with Chris Duncan
Friday, May 11, 2012, 8-10PM

Will Brown is pleased to present The Sound of Paper, a presentation and performance by Oakland-based artist Chris Duncan. In March of this year, the University of Kanas invited Duncan to lecture and make a print with its new press, Wide Awake Editions. Working within the language of the print but compelled to push away from traditional image making, Duncan created a double LP with hand-built gate-fold packaging. The records, however, are not 180 gram vinyl, but pieces of heavy-weight paper with embossed lines that serve as grooves for the record player needle to follow. The sonic results are a curious mix of white noise, sporadic beats, confusing discordance, and soft, warm harmony. Duncan will discuss his print process and explore the sonic terrain of not only his records, but various other paper sources. By ripping, crumpling, amplifying, and looping, Duncan hopes to create a lush, textured, and papery soundscape.

About the edition:

edition of 12 stamped and numbered by hand
Cover: french paper bright white cover stock-laser engraved relief print
Gatefold interior: bright white masa paper-laser engraved relief print
Records: fabriano artistico 640 gram hot press-silkscreened and laser engraved relief print

Chris Duncan is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. He employs the use of color, repetition, and reflections to explore ideas of perception and transcendence in paintings, drawings, and installations. Duncan has also been publishing books, zines, and releasing records for over a decade. Under the moniker Hot and Cold, he co-published a seven year long, 10-issue series of very hand-built art books including well-over 100 artists. Under the moniker Land and Sea, he works with his partner, Maria Otero, to release monographs and records. As THE SUN, Duncan creates sonic happenings that dismantle the idea of audience and performer, offering a space for anyone willing to participate. Chris received his BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts and is a 2013 MFA candidate at Stanford University. He has performed, exhibited or is the collection of Eli Ridgway Gallery, Berkeley Art Museum, SFMOMA, San Francisco Arts Commission, MOMA, Southern Exposure, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Halsey Mckay Gallery, and the Kemper Art Museum.