Untitled (Joanne Rruff) with Jordan Stein
Friday, June 1, 2012, 8PM

Jordan Stein is pleased to present the latest findings in his ongoing investigation into a just about completely unknown former California visual artist once named Joanne Rruff. For this installment, he will discuss the myriad ways in which his research dovetails with the work of Alberta Mayo and her Manitoba Museum of Finds Art, where Rruff once exhibited.

Starring: The SF Book Bay; exploded wall works (regional); graduate school; paper making; name changes (letter drops) (bad spellings); two books, the same, but different; husbands; wives; husbands and wives; Hellen Keller; The Matterhorn; "Coastal Currents"; Portland, OR; "bad energy"; framing (literal); and framing (figurative).

Alberta: "I'm not sure what happened to her once she left town around 1984. No one really knows."

Jordan is 1/3 of Will Brown and the founder of Glass, house.