Clock, after Nayland Blake

Will Brown is pleased to announce the creation of a limited edition clock inspired by Nayland Blake's unwitting contribution to our inaugural exhibition, Illegitimate Business. Braced by two wooden dowels and held together with hot glue, this tick-tocking artist palette was the first thing the now-famous Blake ever made in art school. 15 years ago it was given to a friend on "extended loan" and has yet to be returned to the artist. Continuing in the spirit of benign illegitimacy, Will Brown has reproduced the priceless artifact as faithfully as possible in an edition of 12 -- one for each hour of the day. Each clock comes with the anonymously-penned tale of its acquisition hot glued to the back.

Steal your very own piece of illegitimate history today for only $99!!

*This message approved by Nayland Blake (totally seriously)!!

And don't miss Nayland's big, exciting show opening October 12 at YBCA in San Francisco! WOW!

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